Harvesting Gear, Packaging
Whether you need latex gloves, desiccants, smell proof bags, cone rollers, trimming bins, storage bins, or vacuum sealers we have it all.

Our huge selection of Harvesting Gear for indoor growing will be sure to help you to enjoy the fruits of your labor or harvest. We carry durable sweat-reducing black Nitrile gloves that come in all sizes from small to x-large that help to protect your hands and come in handy for all sorts of situations. Protect and cure your harvest with humidity control packs from Boveda and Integra Boost for your storage jars and CVaults or other storage containers. If odor control is what your after we carry odor proof bags of all shapes and sizes, from small storage bags to large duffle bags and backpacks from DL Wholesale (AWOL) and Revelry Supply. Try our selection of vacuum sealing equipment to help protect and lock away what ever you're trying to preserve. Our new favorite harvesting product is a durable and wearable debris and harvesting bag called the Gardener's Hollow Leg and we are sure you'll find plenty to fill it with.