From seed germination & cloning to harvest & processing, Growers House provides equipment & supplies for the cultivation & processing of Industrial Hemp.
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Industrial Hemp Production & Benefits

Industrial hemp plants grow vigorously, with long, lanky stalks and deep tap roots. Hemp is typically ready to harvest in four months, and per acre, it produces four times as much paper as trees. Different varieties of hemp may produce varying quantities of seeds or fiber, and may also differ in oil composition.

Some of the benefits associated with hemp production include:

  • Dense growth leaves little room for competing weeds
  • Highly pest-resistant
  • Deep tap roots help to protect soil
  • Easier to farm organically than most other fibrous crops

Industrial Hemp Uses

Industrial Hemp cultivars are composed of three types: Oilseed, Fiber, and Hybrid (dual purpose), plant materials cover a wide range of uses like....

  • Hemp leaves can be processed for use as mulch, composting, and animal bedding.
  • Hemp oil uses range from foods like oil, supplements, and birdseed to personal care products like soap, moisturizer, and beauty products.
  • Hemp seeds are commonly used for nutrient-dense hemp nut and hemp oil for baking with cake and flour, items like bread, granola, milk, ice cream, and protein powder.
  • Hemp fibers from the stalks can be used in various ways from textiles including clothing, shoes, rope, nets, carpet, and tarps, to paper, packing & building materials, like hempcrete.

Hydroponic Vs Soil Industrial Hemp Cultivation

Mostly a matter of quality vs yield, growing outdoors with a soil medium will generally allow for much higher yields, while an indoor hydroponic system is much easier to control all the variables creating ideal conditions for healthy plants, thus increasing quality.