Hercules Gro Pro Root Master Pots

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    Hercules & Gro Pro Root Master pots give you the excellent aeration and drainage you need to make roots explode for maximum growth.
    Botanicare's New HERCULES pots are formed with a unique shape to help give your plants the guidance they need to keep from becoming root bound. Air holes positioned around the sides of the HERCULES pots encourage grow media to dry more evenly between feedings giving growers increased control over plants' nutritional and watering needs. HERCULES pots are available in 7 sizes from 6" to 16".

    These unique pots allow for proper root training and air pruning with strategically placed ventilation channels and offer a unique container shape. They prevent spiraling and root burrowing which causes plant instability. Using these great pots will increase the overall health of plant's root structure, allow for greater stability when transplanting and increase nutrient and water uptake.

    Both Botanicare and Gro Pro make identical pots, yet under different names: Hercules Pot and Gro Pro Root Master.

    Hercules Gro Pro Root Master Pot Sizes:

    6" = 2L = 0.5 Gallon
    7" = 3L = 0.75 Gallon
    8" = 5L = 1.2 Gallon
    10" = 7.5L = 2 Gallon
    12" = 20L = 5.2 Gallon
    14" = 25L = 6.6 Gallon
    16" = 35L = 9.2 Gallon
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