Hesi Boost

Hesi Boost is a flowering accelerator, it regulates the size of flowers and promotes a faster harvest, helps to schedule harvesting periods. It is a hydroponic fertilizer that helps promote thick leaf density and luxuriant bushiness. It is a specially formulated nutrient that increases the number of internodes, shortens the length between them, and focuses plants energy on lateral growth. This powerful nutrient will also tighten up buds and maximize yields.

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Name Hesi Boost
Brand Hesi Nutrients
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HESI BOOST is a complete organic fertilizer to the intensification of the flower. A blend of fruit enzymes, plant sugars, and fruit extracts. HESI BOOST is a very effective flowering stimulator. It makes for a rapid initiation of flowering and larger flowers. HESI Boost is suitable for all media. This specially designed combination of nutrients increases the leaf density, reduces the sheet separations and supports the plant's energy for a powerful compact habit. HESI Boost is a bloom activator and, at the same time, a gentle leaf fertilizer for the flowering phase. It strengthens the flowering, increases the sugar content of fruits and improves the condition of the entire plant. Dosage: At the beginning of flowering: Once 2ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution (douse, water), or as leaf nutrition 1 ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution. To prolong the flowering: once 2ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution (douse, water), or as leaf nutrition 1 ml per 1 liter of nutrient solution. Shake well before use. Composition: Organic fertilizer P + K Phosphorus P2O5 water soluble 1% Potassium K2O water soluble 1% Contains fruit extracts, fruit enzymes like galactitol, plant sugars like melitose and alginic acid, and more. Minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and trace elements like iron from natural origin. Storage: Keep at an ambient temperature of 5 °C to 22 °C in a dark place. Ensure that it is properly closed. Keep out of reach of children.