Hesi Starter Box (Coco)

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Coco Kit includes: 500 ml TNT Complex, 1 liter Bloom Complex for Soil, 1 liter Phosphorus Plus, 500 ml Root Complex, 10 ml SuperVit, 500 ml PowerZyme

The Hesi Starter Kits are a good value for the money. You get all of the required nutrition for your plants to thrive - conveniently packaged in one box. For beginners or experienced growers, Hesi starter kits are highly recommended. Each kit includes an easy to follow grow schedule. A great way to test Hesi nutrients for the first time!

The HESI Starterbox Coco contains:
  • 1x Root Complex 500ml
  • 1x SuperVit 10ml
  • 1x PowerZyme 500ml
  • 1x TNT Complex 500ml
  • 1x HESI Coco 1000ml
  • 1x PK 13/14 1000ml
  • 1x HESI BOOST 100ml
  • + Catalogue, Growschedule
More Information
Name Hesi Starter Box (Coco)
Brand Hesi Nutrients
Weight (lbs) 9.3