HLG 650R LED Grow Light by Horticulture Lighting Group + LED Glasses-240v

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    The HLG 650R Commercial Indoor Horticulture LED grow light, designed as replacement for a Double-ended 1000 watt HID lamp, using the full-spectrum, high-efficiency QB648 DIABLO quantum boards featuring Samsung LM301H + Deep-Red 660nm LEDs dimmable from 60-660 watts! The HLG 650R LED light is dimmable, with wattage output from 60 to 610 watts. Includes a free pair of LED glasses, only when you order from GrowersHouse.com.

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    The HLG 650R Commercial Indoor Horticulture LED grow light is designed to replace a Double-ended 1000 watt HID lamp. Each HLG 650R uses 4 of our custom designed full spectrum high efficiency white light quantum boards with Samsung LM301H and Deep Red LED 660nm . This unit is dimmable, with wattage output from 60 to 610 watts.

    The 650R LED grow light is HLG’s most powerful horticulture lighting fixture to date. Replace your double-ended 1000W with just 630 Watts of ultra high efficiency LED grow light power at 2.8+ umol/J. HLG 650R offers the highest efficiency lighting per watt per dollar, giving the most light for your money with incredibly low power consumption. Reliable Passive Cooled Design with minimum point of failures. Full Spectrum Quantum Boards® for optimal plant growth.

    The HLG 650R Spec LED grow light is a Full Spectrum White with boosted Deep Red 660nm for incredible flowering results. The design and spectral output of the HLG 650R also shortens the flowering cycle by 3-4 days compared to a standard 3000K Spectrum, or 12-15 days compared to HPS Lighting.

    The HLG 650R LED grow light is suitable for damp conditions and is ETL and CSA certified. For best results it is recommended to maintain temperature of grow room at 70° F - 85° F. Please note, this is a high power lamp and will need to be dimmed for veg use. When using a timer with 220V or higher, a dual pole timer is required. 

    Check the HLG 550 V2 B Spec for Veg spectrum option.

    HLG 650R LED Grow Light Features

    • High efficiency white light Quantum Board® QB 648
    • LED Module made by Samsung
    • Full Spectrum White and 660nm Red
    • Reliable passive-cooled design
    • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
    • Dimmable power supply included
    • Auto sensing Inventronics power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC
    • 3 Year Warranty

    HLG 650R LED Grow Light Specifications

    • Power 60-610 Watts
    • Voltage Range 90-277 VAC
    • LED Samsung LM301H & Deep Red
    • Flowering Footprint 5' x 5' at 30'
    • Veg Footprint 7' x 7' at 48”
    • System PPF Efficacy 2.8 μmol/joule
    • Total output 1700 PPF
    • Dimensions 29" x 22" x 4"
    • Recommended Mounting Height 30-36 inches above canopy

    GroVision High Performance Shades - Pro LED

    Specifically designed for the LED grower, provides color balancing lenses that improve contrast, correct color and reduce glare while providing scratch-resistance and meeting ANSI Z81.1 standards.

    Differences of HLG 650R (newer version) and HLG 550 V2 (Older version it replaces)

    HLG 650R HLG 550 R-Spec V2
    1770 PPF Output 1300 PPF Output
    630 Watts 500 Watts
    2.81 PPF/W Efficiency 2.65 PPF/W Efficiency
    Samsung LM301H & LH351 Deep Red 660nm Samsung LM301H & Deep Red 660nm
    Replaces a 1000W Double Ended HPS Replaces a 1000W Single Ended HPS
    Powered by Quantum Board® QB 648 Powered by Quantum Board® QB288 Rspec
    29" x 22" x 4" 29" x 20" x 4"
    5' x 5' Flowering at 30-34 inches 5' x 4' Flowering at 24 - 30 inches
    7' x 7' Veg 6' x 6' Veg
    60 to 610 Watts Dimmable 50 to 500 Watts Dimmable
    90-277 VAC 90-277 VAC
    91 CRI 90 CRI
    3600K - 3700K CCT 3150K - 3250K CCT
    2.70 Red/Blue 3.62 Red/Blue
    2150 BTU 1700 BTU
    HLG 650R vs HLG 550 V2HLG 650R vs HLG 550 V2
    HLG 650R vs HLG 550 V2

    HLG 650R Laboratory testing data

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    NameHLG 650R LED Grow Light by Horticulture Lighting Group + LED Glasses-240v
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    Dimensions29" x 22" x 4"
    Spectral BlendFull Cycle
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