Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring - Home Water Purifier RO

An easy to maintain and use RO system for home use. The filters need to be changed just once a year. It offers 50 GPD, TDS rejection of 96.5%, recovery of 30.07%, and a brine to product ratio of 3.25:1.

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Availability: Ships in 1-2 Days

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Name Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring - Home Water Purifier RO
Brand Hydro-Logic
SKU 31020
UPC 812111010393
Weight (lbs) 11
Dimensions 9.72"W x 13.75" D x 15.38" H
MSRP $299.95
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Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring - Home Water Purifier RO

The Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring Home Water Purifier is the most efficient and convenient osmosis system around. It is easy to properly maintain, and, when properly maintained, this system will provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Create pure spring water at home with the Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring! Maintenance is really simple, just replace the main 4 stage cartridge and post filter every year. There is no complicated replacement schedule for the different filters.

The Hydro-Logic Eco-Spring is convenient. The cartridges are sealed, so there is no mess or risk of spill when doing maintenance. Changing the filters can be done without tools. It's also convenient because it's flow rate is 30% faster from the included faucet.

The Eco-Spring offers fast tank refills, which ensures plenty of water on tap at all times. It has a compact footprint allowing it to fit in tight spaces. It has an RO membrane that allows for 40% or more savings in drain water. It offers post filter remineralization, which adds calcium for taste health benefits and to alkalize the water.

Eco-Spring Performance:
  • TDS Rejection 96.5%
  • Production: 50 GPD
  • Recovery: 30.07%
  • Brine to Product: 3.25:1

Eco-Spring Features:
  • Innovative Reverse Osmosis membrane allows 40%+ savings in drain water
  • Re-mineralization Filter gives you water with a crisp, clean taste
  • Bio-based plastic fittings – No petroleum!
  • Coconut carbon produced with ZERO greenhouse gas emissions!
  • Easy Maintenance