Hydrodynamics Europonic Silicate (0 - 0 - 5)

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Potassium Silicate Supplement Fortify and protect your plants with Europonic Silicate! One of the strongest products on the market, this formula contains 11% silicon dioxide! 11% Silicon Dioxide makes it one of the strongest silica products on the market. Silica helps to strengthen plants and increases resistance to environmental stresses including heat, drought, and cold.

Europonic Silicate

Containing 11% Silicon Dioxide, Europonic Silicate is one of the strongest products on the market! You can us this product to fortify and protect your plants! The Silicate in the formula helps to strengthen plants and increases your plants resistance to enviromental stress like heat, drought, and the cold. It also promotes an upright posture in your plants!

Directions For Use

Water with a solution of 2-5ml per gallon once a week! Add Europonic Silicate to your reservoir before adding plant nutrients.

NOTE:Silicate will raise the pH of your solution. For best results, dilute with water prior to use

11% (SiO2) Silicon Dioxide derived from Potassium Silicate
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NameHydrodynamics Europonic Silicate (0 - 0 - 5)
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