Whether you are using one light or one thousand, work with the hydroponic supplier that has helped to plan and supply some of the world's largest commercial growing operations when planning your growing operation in Jamaica.

Why are more growers in Jamaica choosing Growers House?


1.Manufacturer direct pricing


Growers House orders massive amounts of stock to fulfill global demand for hydroponic supplies. When you order from growers house those economies of scale give you manufacturer direct pricing even in Jamaica.

2.Professional services that build the largest growing operations in the US and Jamaica


Working one on one with a growing consultant will help you pick compatible products, plan the grow to maximize yield, and get the lowest prices on your supplies. Dial 1.866.378.9436 to talk with a growing expert about your grow.

3. Easy Shipping to Jamaica


Your order can arrive in Jamaica in as little as 5 days once it leaves our warehouse. If there is a complication with your order we make returns and exchanges easy.

Call 1.866.378.9436 to start your next grow.