Hygrozyme Concentrate - 20L

Hygrozyme Concentrate®️ is your enzyme solution for licensed/commercial growers at a 5X concentrated formula allowing them to get more for less! Dosage is 1.5mL to 1 Gallon of water.

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Name Hygrozyme Concentrate - 20L
Brand Sipco Industries
Size: 20 L
MSRP $1,370.00
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A Little Goes A Long Way

Hygrozyme Concentrate®️ is your enzyme solution for licensed/commercial growers!

Hygrozyme Concentrate will help support the growing Commercial Grower market offering Hygrozyme Concentrate®️ at a 5X concentrated formula allowing them to get more for less!
Hygrozyme Concentrate ®️ dosage will be 1.5mL to 1 Gallon of water, which means 20L/5.28-GAL Bottle will equal 100L/23 Gallons of Hygrozyme®️ Original.

HYGROZYME is the result of over 10 years of research, testing and approvals to get it to market. HYGROZYME was developed, perfected and field-tested with the help of hydro growers, farmers and industry professionals such as: members of various grower's co-ops in California, Pacific Agricultural Research Center and B.C. Research Council chemists.

HYGROZYME may well be "the greatest breakthrough in Horticulture in the last decade." Simply explained: it is developed using a proprietary bio-fermentation process, made from ALL NATURAL ingredients that produce a supply of BACTERIA-FREE enzymes and complex chains of amino acids.

With HYGROZYME there is no longer a need to introduce or create crop vulnerability by introducing a foreign germ culture to your sterile growing environment. After reviewing current enzymatic market products, it was determined that HYGROZYME actually incorporates all the benefits and capabilities offered by leading enzyme products AND MUCH, MUCH MORE - all in one Powerful Formula! With HYGROZYME though, there are NO concerns of a limited shelf life or spoilage.