Ideal-Air Mini Split A/C Unit - 12,000 BTU Cooling Only *DISCONTINUED*

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    This item has been discontinued, please see related products below for suitable replacement.
    Need help finding out how many BTU's of cooling power you need for your grow room? Use the Air Conditioner Cooling Calculator to know exactly what you need.

    Ideal Air mini split air conditioners are designed for cooling with outside temperatures ranging from 49º to 110º F. Use of unit outside these temperature ranges is not recommended. Improper usage relating to outside temperature is not covered under warranty.

    • Can be used with the optional programmable thermostat with up to 4 temperature settings each day. (see related products)
    • Flexible stainless steel pre-charged 23' line set with quick connect fittings allows for easy Do It Yourself installation. No technician required.
    • Now with optional day/night mode.
    • High energy efficiency performance: 13 SEER air conditioner.
    • Line sets are pre-vacuumed and pre-charged with R104A refrigerant. You can keep them charged if you need to move it. Call for more information.
    • SImply hook up the quick connect's and open the service valves, tighten and check for leaks.
    • Must have a dedicated power circuit.
    • Auto restart after power failure.
    • One year manufacturer warranty.

    12,000 BTU Unit
    • Cooling Power/Capacity: 8.9 amps/1,180 watts/12,000 BTU.
    • dB Rating: Indoor 38 dB, Outdoor 45 dB.
    • Requires 120 volt dedicated 15 amp circuit.

    24,000 BTU Unit
    • Cooling Power/Capacity: 10 amps/2,200 watts/24,000 BTU.
    • dB Rating: Indoor 32 dB, Outdoor 45 dB.
    • Requires 240 volt dedicated 15 amp circuit.

    36,000 BTU Unit
    • Cooling Power/Capacity: 14 amps/3,000 watts/36,000 BTU.
    • dB Rating: Indoor 40 dB, Outdoor 50 dB.
    • Requires 240 volt dedicated 20 amp circuit.

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    NameIdeal-Air Mini Split A/C Unit - 12,000 BTU Cooling Only *DISCONTINUED*
    Warranty1 Year
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