Illuminati Super Green Light 5w LED Light Bulb SG Night Light

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    Safely go into your garden or tent during night/flowering cycle and see your plants! 5W 120V True Green Led Light bulb screws into any standard house socket. Brighter that 4 Green CFL Bulbs. Covers up to an 8x8 area. Not a cheap painted party light, but TRUE green light to use around flowering plants.
    The Illuminati Super Green LED Light Bulb (SG Night Light) allows you to work in your grow room during the dark cycle without disturbing your plant's photoperiod. Green spectrum light is mostly reflected by plants. The amount of green light emitted that the plant can see will not disturb plants when used in short intervals, allowing you to go into your room to work. We recommend the Illuminati Super Green LED to be placed a minimum of 4 feet away from your plants. One Illuminati Super Green LED will light up to a 6'x 6' space.

    The 5 green (1 watt) LED diodes provide a narrow spectrum of bright green light that is barely visible to plants but brighter than a normal green bulb to you. This LED works with your standard 110v light residential light socket.

    Other competitor green lamps are usually painted bulbs and do not truly emit a green wavelength like our Super Green LED Night Light. Competitor green CLF "party lights" or incandescent bulbs do not provide the correct spectrum to prevent photosynthesis. Our perfect spectrum of green LED light and durable bulb cover will make the night life easier on your plants and much more convenient for you.

  • Durable translucent white plastic bulb cover guarantees long life
  • 100% safe to use around plants during their night-cycle
  • Will not easily shatter like green CFL and incandescent bulbs
  • Does not contain toxic vapors like normal bulbs
  • Contains 5 green LED diodes (1 watt each)
  • Works with any standard 110v light fixtures
  • Emits 300 Luminous Flux Units (Equivalent to 3 CFL bulbs)
  • Uses only 5 watts
  • Lights up to a 6'x6' space
  • 3-year warranty (i.e. 26,297.4 Hours of constant use!)

  • Use with any standard house lamp fixture or normal lamp socket. Simple to use.
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    NameIlluminati Super Green Light 5w LED Light Bulb SG Night Light
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