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surface mounted LEDs

Growers House has the largest selection of the best LED manufacturers on the market. The brands we carry are field-tested and proven to work under the harshest conditions. California Light Works LEDs are potency focused and are leading the industry in both greenhouses and indoor gardens. California Light Works products. Check out the Growers House selection today! We also provide a huge selection of complete LED tent packages that include everything you need to get started growing!

LEDs or light-emitting diodes are a semiconductor light source and most LED grow lights are made up of hundreds of these surface mounted components. Different colors are brought together to form a collection of light that achieves the desired color spectrum. Some of the many advantages LEDs have over other conventional light sources are lower energy consumption, longer lifetime and smaller sizes allowing for more versatile uses for indoor grow lights.

Growers House carries the best LED grow lights available in the market including: Gavita, Fluence, California Light Works, Photobio, Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG), AgroLED, Apache Tech, BIOS, Black Dog, Growers Choice (TSL), GrowLite, Helipsectra, Illumitex, Kessil, KIND LED, Lush Lighting, NextLight, Scynce, Spectrum King, TrolMaster, and more. Please view our Best LED Grow Light Comparison Review Test to see 3rd party laboratory data for efficiency, output, PAR charts, and more.