Inline Fans
Use inline fans, also known as duct fans or duct booster fans, to intake and exhaust air out of your grow environment to manage temperature and humidity. Fan Controllers can help automate the fan function to keep your fan speed and/or temperature within a desired range. Don't know what CFM (cubic feet per minute) inline fan you need to exhaust your HPS or MH light? Read our guide on how to find the right CFM fan for your indoor grow room.

  1. $172.22

    Active Air Inline Duct Fans offer innovation and performance at a great price. With a full line of fans to meet your needs, Includes mounting brackets and 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord, Rated Amperage 2.07, Rated Wattage 236, RPM 2620, Max. Decibels 75, Approx. CFM @ 0.0 SP 760 Learn More
  2. Phresh 8" Hyper fan uses half the wattage of many competing fans. Comes with a build-in speed controller. Laminar blade design for less noise. 75w and only 1.0 amps @ 120v. Learn More
  3. Phresh 6" Hyper fan uses half the wattage of many competing fans. Comes with a build-in speed controller. Laminar blade design for less noise. 35w and only 0.5 amps @ 120v. Learn More
  4. $158.34

    The S-line is a revolutionary series of fans that combine energy efficiency, ultra-quiet operations and a collection of advanced technologies that deliver unparalleled performances. Learn More
  5. $198.72

    232 watt @ 120v. Only 3.14 CFM per watt. 711 CFM, 10-year warranty, The NEW 2017 8" S-Line 711 CFM Vortex Powerfan Ultra Quiet fans are here! Introducing the quietest inline duct fan on the market, the Vortex S-Line is completely different from the competition, and specifically designed for the indoor grower. Learn More
  6. $188.40

    The Can Fan HO (Hight Output) Series Inline tube fan, durable powder coated steel housing, reverse curve impeller. Can-Fan brings its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The outstanding performance of our fans set them apart from the competition. Available with 6" pre-wired cord. Each fan comes pre-wired with an 8’ - 120 volt power cord. 5 year warranty. Approx. CFM @ 0.0 SP: 760. Learn More
  7. The Can Fan Max-Fan 8" has a compact design and commercial build for heavy use. This fan can cool up to 3600w of HID lighting. 180w and 1.5 amps at 120v. Learn More
  8. $168.34

    Max-Fan® Pro Series is even more efficient and stronger than the original Max-Fan® design, the Max-Fan® Pro Series has a much more robust housing due to the fiberglass reinforced plastic compounds that meet all of the UL and CSA requirements. The fans have three control speeds for true performance. These fans run quieter than the Max-Fan®. The fans come with the EZ Mount™ bracket for easy mounting. This humble 6in Max-Fan does 420 CFM! Learn More
  9. $157.18

    8 inch 667 CFM Inline Fan. Tough, Cool & Efficent. Airtight housing for quiet, high flow mixed flow impeller design, stable mounting bracket, ETL Listed. Learn More