Kessil H350 LED Grow Light 350, Magenta

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    Kessil H350 LEDs are 90w grow lights that have a coverage area of about 3' in diameter. H150's are small units at 3.8" tall and 4" in diameter. Magenta spectrum great for all cycles of growth, but dominant intensity in the red spectrum for better flowering/blooming plant growth.
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    Join the spectral revolution with the new Kessil H350 Magenta LED.
    The next level of LED lighting is here. Kessil presents H350 SPECTRAL HALO LED grow light, boasting 2.5x the light output of H150. By incorporating the latest 90W Dense Matrix LED platform, Kessil H350's produces an extremely bright, penetrating stream of light that reaches deep into the canopy of the plant. The Kessil H350 also features a new vapor cooling thermal management system that directs heat away from the high-intensity LED core quickly, maintaining the light's efficiency and long lifetime. This high-powered device will allow LED grow lights to viably replace traditional methods of lighting.

  • Dimensions: 12.2" long x 7.5" wide x 5.7" high
  • Maximum wattage = 90
  • Voltage - 100-240
  • 2-year warranty

  • Kessil H350 - Deep Purple - Vegetative Emphasis, Special Penta-band Recipe
    The DEEP PURPLE model features a greater blue to red wavelength ratio to encourage stronger vegetative growth for fuller, healthier plants. Using five different types of LED chips with a strong emphasis on blue wavelengths, this penta-band recipe is designed to keep plants strong.

    Kessil H350 - Magenta - Flowering Emphasis, Unique Quad-band Formula
    With a much higher ratio in the red spectrum than the blue, the MAGENTA model focuses on performance during the bloom phase. This unique quad-band spectrum blends four different types of LED chips together and is ideal for the flowering stages of growth.

    Orchid Growing - The Magenta spectrum of Kessil units is known to be the best spectrum for orchid farming/growing.

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    NameKessil H350 LED Grow Light 350, Magenta
    Warranty2 Year
    Dimensions 3.8”L x 4”D
    CSA CertifiedYes
    CE ListedYes
    ETL ListedYes
    UL ListedYes
    FREE ShippingYes