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    Enhance growth while keeping your system clean! A microbial-based enzyme with an active biological stimulant. Use in Veg or Bloom.

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    what is it?

    A microbial-based enzyme with an active biological stimulant.

    • Bacillus licheniformis
    • Bacillus safensis
    • Bacillus subtilis x2
    • Bacillus megaterium
    • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
    • Bacillus pumilus

    Enzymes are powerful catalysts that assist with chemical reactions including plants. In gardening, enzymes do a great job at assisting with cleaning drip lines, reservoirs, stock tanks and emitters. Our enzyme product combines that power with the power of active biology to not only assist with clean ing your system, but keeping it clean over time while helping plants grow strong! 

    How and when to use it

    • During cloning to maximize cleanliness, shorten rooting 
      times, initiate growth, and even alleviate degraded systems.
    • Use during veg to maximize the potential for root develop 
      ment and healthy microbial inoculation of new roots.
    • Use during transplant and bloom stages to ensure a healthy transition period, a clean shift in DNA, maximum nutrient delivery and continued resistance against build-up. 

    The proof & pro tips

    • Growers can alleviate issues like root rot & organic build-up in their reservoir or drip lines with enzymes.
    • Unlike other enzyme products, Key To Life's ENDzyme is not only safe on microbes, but it actually promotes benefi cial microbial activity in your system. Combine with Root Life Microbes to TRULY maximize microbial efficiency.
    • During cloning, use in an aeroponic system for fastest results. 
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