Key To Life - Key to Uptake

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    May aid in micronutrient availability! Use in Veg or Bloom. For Soil, Coco, and Hydro.

    Free shipping on all sizes except for 8 oz size.


    Free shipping on all sizes except for 8 oz size.

    WHAT IS IT...

    97.4% Fulvic acids derived from calcium lignosulfonate + 14.10% Total Carbon
    • Fulvic acid is the extract of the end product of decomposing organic matter (humus). This is also attainable from plant-based sources with new technological advances.
    • Has a balanced pH of 7.0
    • Smart nutrient: calcium lignosulfonate is a complexing agent that easily bonds to metals and micronutrient ions like calcium, thereby flushing out heavy metals & salts to detoxify your plants
    • High source of organic matter at 76.09%


    Uptake will help to deliver micronutrients more efficiently. It is Mother Nature's master molecule! Improve every aspect of a plant's health and function, enhances nutrient uptake, essential oil production, boosts cellular function, and CO2/O2 exchange. Great for detoxifying and flushing plants before harvest. Can be used in Soil, Coco, Rockwool, drain to waste and recirculating hydroponic systems. We like to call it the bus driver of the humic/fulvic relationship because it delivers the nutrients exactly where they need to go.


    • Use to enhance nutrient uptake in all stages
    • Use during flush to reduce toxins
    • If plants are locked out, use in conjunction with Boost for a speedy recovery

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