Link4 iPonic Alert Dual Zone

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    The iPonic Alert is a cloud-based monitoring and alarm system. With simple plug-and-play functionality, any grower can learn what is going on in their grow room from any Internet connected device. The iPonic Alert is ideal for the cultivator that is satisfied with their current controls but wants the extra assurance of push notifications sent to their smart phone in the event anything should go wrong.

    Remote Cloud Access

    Growers can monitor every aspect of the iPonic Alert from the palm of their hand, using state-of the-art controls that relay secured, encrypted grow house data to the cloud where it is accessible on any Internet-connected device. The secured, encrypted server allows you to monitor settings remotely. No data collected by the iPonic Cloud is shared to a third party. Additionally, any location data we collect is anonymous and cannot be associated with a user account.

    Digital Integrated Sensor Modules (DISM)

    The iPonic Alert includes a single Digital Integrated Sensor Module (DISM). The sensor monitors temperature, humidity, CO2 and lighting and is connected by a standard 16-foot cable. It is recommended that the sensor is hung in a central location within the grow room facility. Ideally, you will want to hang the module near the crop level, near to the center of the controlled environment to get accurate readings. You may want to keep the module away from irrigation emitters, unit heaters and any other type of equipment that may affect the accuracy of the sensor.

    Loss Prevention

    The iPonic 624 protects their grow house investment with SMS text and email identifying a variety of threats, including spikes in temperature, humidity, and CO2.

    Emergency shut-off guards against power surge and overheating.

    Privacy and Security

    • Network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations
    • No data collected by the iPonic Cloud is shared to a third party
    • User location data collected is anonymous and cannot be associated with a user account
    • Tor and Anonymity Online Compatible
    • No backdoor access; https secure
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