Liquid Lumens Hydroflector with Wing Reflector - DISCONTINUED

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Now Includes Wing Reflector

The efficiency of the water-cooled Liquid Lumens Hydroflector design allows you to install more lights per square foot, and decrease the distance between your lights and your plant canopy.

Water-cooling is scientifically proven to be significantly more efficient at removing heat than air; it's already used in a wide variety of cooling applications including your car's engine.

In addition to unsurpassed heat removal capabilities, the liquid Lumens hydroflector actually has a lower signature than the human body!

The End Caps
Molded from rugged ABS plastic and treated with the optimal amount of UV inhibitor, the plastic parts are designed for years of maintenance-free service. The end cap is attached to the flange collar with six screws and houses the wedge gaskets which wrap around the edge of the glass creating a three-sided locking seal. The end cap also features a standard four-inch flange for additional air-cooling if necessary.

The Glass
The precision-crafted borosilicate glass tubes are designed for maximum light transmission and ultimate durability. The inner tube is four and a half inches in diameter, which allows any sized bulb to be used with the unit. The outer tube is eight inches in diameter, which means this cooling vessel can be used in practically any reflector on the market that is designed for eight-inch air-cooling.

The Socket
Specially engineered and fabricated from extruded aluminum, this socket assembly features a secure enclosure to protect your wiring connections from UV damage. The outside of the socket assembly features a one-piece flute system creating a large surface area for maximum cooling potential. The flutes also make the socket assembly fully adjustable within the inner tube for precision bulb placement.

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Weight: 38.0 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 36.5L x 21.5W x 12.5H
Units/pallet: 8
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Name Liquid Lumens Hydroflector with Wing Reflector - DISCONTINUED
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