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LumiGrow Pro Review Video

LumiGrow Pro Series Review

LumiGrow LED Horticultural Lighting is one of the leaders in LED grow lights for plants. Constantly pushing the envelope using the latest technology, LumiGrow light sources can save your grow up to 50% on your electricity bill compared to high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps. These lights are efficient because all the light energy emitted is in a spectrum that plants can absorb and photosynthesize with, unlike traditional HPS & MH lighting. These all-in-one units are plug-and-play, and can get you growing the best plants you've ever seen in seconds. Link to FAQs on LumiGrow Lighting. View Growers House review and PAR test of the LumiGrow Pro Series Greenhouse units. Want an overview of all LumiGrow products? Check out our Everything You Need To Know About Lumigrow LED Grow Lights page.