Lush Lighting - Vegetator 2X LED Grow Light

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Vegetation stage grow light, 150 High Intensity 3 watt Cree LED's, 330 watts actual power draw, 1/m the power of MH, 90 Days Satisfaction Guarantee from Manufacturer, Max Coverage 4' x 4', Intense Coverage 3' x 3', Optimal Coverage: 4' x 3' Notice: lead time is approximately 7-10 business days.
Lush Lighting Vegetator 2x is an innovative high intensity LED grow light designed specifically for vegetating green leaf plants. At canopy level, each 330w fixture produces more overall light and more energetic light than a standard 1000w metal halide fixture. This intensity of energized photons has never been created by a grow light before now and Lush Lighting has found the combination of these photons to push chlorophyll production higher than every other light on the market! This cool running light will provide essential photons for chlorophyll, carotenoids, xanthophylls and phycobilins. The increase in strength and vigor of plants under the Lush Lighting Vegetator 2x occurs immediately!

You can trust Lush Lighting to always have healthier crops over HPS. From cloning through growing and all the way to the end of flowering, this light has what your plants need! Near UV light is used to stimulate resin production while helping boost plants' natural immune system. Infrared light is used to penetrate deep into the plant and boost chlorophyll fluorescence so that no light is wasted. Plants have had millions of years to adapt to their environment, so providing your garden with the most electrically charged photons will reward you with a bigger, healthier and more nutritious crop!

Lush Lighting products have a low heat signature, high efficiency rating and are built to last a decade! We want to see you succeed! We build the best agricultural grow lights on the market for your peace of mind! LED is safer and the results will literally pay for themselves. Increase the level of photosynthetic activity on your plants today!

Why LUSH Lighting Is The Best Choice- Benefits:

Properly fuel photosynthesis with energy ranging from UV through IR. Watch plants root faster and gain strength as if they are basking under sunlight!

Providing the right type of light will increase plants rate of cellular division so they grow faster! Transfer plants outdoors without shock by vegetating them with light they are used to.

Fueling vegetative growth with light is easy when compared to flowering plants. But, not all light sources work the same. What is it in sunlight that makes plants grow faster? It's not the amount of light; that only allows plants to grow larger. Speed comes from an increase in voltage from light; highly energetic UV photons. If you want your plants to grow as if they're outdoors, Lush Lighting's products are the only ones that provide the right amount of 3.0 electron volt photons! 

  • Easy plug and play installation.
  • Lifetime expectancy up to 50,000 hours.
  • Powerful 330w LED grow light to replace top of the line 1000w MH grow light.
  • Low heat emissions eliminate the need for excessive cooling and ventilation costs.
  • Low radiant and ambient temperatures reduce de-humidification costs.
  • Eco-friendly: Mercury free.
  • Safe: Reduces risk of fire.
  • Slender design allows for more growing area.
  • Two lens that direct light downward, eliminating the need for extra reflecting materials and doubles lux intensity.
  • Internal cooling fans and large aluminum heat synch plate keeps unit operating below 100º F.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Tempered steel construction, built to last.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • 3 Year manufacture warranty.
  • Designed specifically to fuel the entire photosynthesis processes.
  • Horizontal and Vertical gardens.
  • Grow tents and large green houses.
  • Difficult areas like corners and closets.
  • Soil, Aero or Hydroponic gardens.

In nature plants will absorb 60% to 80% of all photons that are highly energetic. These are specific blue photons ranging into ultra-violet. Use Lush LED's highly energetic spectrum to naturally increase the energy level inside your plants! Watch as your plants will grow faster and healthier foliage and roots! 

  • Requires 5" minimum clearance on all sides.
  • Operating open-air ambient temperature range for rated life is 65º F to 90º F.
  • Humidity range for rated life is between 10% and 60%
  • Dry locations only
  • Contains UV light. Do not look direct at fixture!

  • Light contains energy and each color has a different voltage. But, why is this so important for you?

    Light is the fuel source for photosynthesis. Each light absorbing pigment in your plants need this fuel, and each of these light absorbing pigments are sensitive to the voltage of this fuel. Light is where your plants get their energy! The Dominator produces light that contains 50% more energy over HPS! The light itself is more powerful! Your plants will use this type of energy to perform processes they simply can't do under HID fixtures. This is one technology you have to see for yourself.

    Lumen and Par light meters are great tools for measuring how much light is reaching your plants. This chart displays the intensity and size of footprint produced by each Vegetator 2x. We recommend keeping canopy levels around 30" away. Allow for distance to decrease light intensity to natural levels.

    Distance Lumens Par µmole
    12" 110000 >2000
    18" 90000 1600
    24" 65000 1100
    30" 50000 800


    • ​150 High Intensity 3 watt Cree LED's!
    • LED Angle: 60 & 90 Degree double lenses
    • 330 watts actual power draw, 1/m the power of MH
    • 2.5/1.2 Amps 120/240 volts
    • 14.2 lbs
    • Width 11.75"
    • Length 19.5"
    • Height 3.5"
    • Max coverage over 5' x 5' area at 48" above.
    • Intense coverage over 4' x 4' area at 30" above.
    • Mounting hardware included.
    • Tempered steel construction, built to last.
    • 90 day money back guarantee.
    • 3 Year manufacture warranty.
    • Use for all stages of plant growth.
    • Vegetation stage only LED grow light.

    More Information
    NameLush Lighting - Vegetator 2X LED Grow Light
    BrandLush Lighting
    Weight (lbs)16.0
    Dimensions11.75" X 19.5" X 3.5"
    Spectral BlendVegetative
    Light TypeLED
    Amps2.8A @120V | 1.6A @208V | 1.4A @240V
    CE ListedYes
    FREE ShippingYes