MaxLume 1000w M.H. (110,000 Lumens) *DISCONTINUED*

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This item has been discontinued, a suitable replacement is the Plantmax (Xtrasun) Bulb MH 1000W, 7200k.
Boasting high lumen output and superior color spectrum, these bulbs will drive your garden to it’s maximum potential. More plant-available blues from the M.H. series to give your garden what it needs for early vigor and healthy branching. With more oranges and reds available from the H.P.S. lamps for your flowering plants to promote both quality and quantity in floral clusters. For discerning production growers, the extra low lumen depreciation means more crops from each and every MaxLume bulb, maximizing costs and minimizing maintenance.

These bulbs work with both magnetic and digital ballasts.
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Name MaxLume 1000w M.H. (110,000 Lumens) *DISCONTINUED*
Brand MaxLume
MSRP $74.95
Warranty 1 Year
Lumens 110,000