Meals usually come in the form of bone, kelp, fish, or alfalfa. They are finely ground components of the specific meal that has potent organic nutrients for plant growth.

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Meals are either animal-based or plant-based and can even be a combination of both. Meal fertilizers also come in many variations, bone and blood meals being the most common both being high in phosphorus and/or nitrogen, but depending on your N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) needs, there is a meal right for you. The N-P-K ratio of meals can vary greatly, depending on the source and many organic meal options are slow-release so adding them to your soil or nutrient solution may not show signs of working right away.

Blood meal, bone meal, and other animal by-products are permitted in certified organic production as soil amendments, but organic plant-based meals are also available for those avoiding animal-based products. Here at GrowersHouse, we carry a wide selection of various meal fertilizers, bone meal, blood meal, fish bone meal, alfalfa, kelp, cottonseed, soybean, crab, shrimp, and even feathers in both solid and liquid forms for soil or hydroponics.