MicroClone - SuperStarts - Plant Tissue Culture Kit

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    Complete plant tissue culture cloning kit for your plants. Your own micropropagation "minilab". This home tissue culture kit, includes media, vessels, tools and instructions to grow plant cells under sterile conditions for exact genetic replication and micropropagation.

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    Tissue culture is the cloning method used by nurseries and biotech to produce the thousands of clones they make every day. Microclone and Pure Food have taken the best parts of the commercial tissue culture and put them together into the home tissue culture kits. Now home users, hobbyists, and small commercial gardeners can produce their own plants in whatever numbers they need.

    The benefits of tissue culture:

  • Save time
  • Save space
  • Save power
  • Save money
  • Replaces large mother plants
  • No bugs, no mold, no maintenance
  • Produces seedling quality plants from clones
  • Easy and fun
  • Unlock hidden genetics
  • Ship and transport your favorite plants

  • Grow dozens of bonsai mother "jars" on a media of sugar, agar, nutrients and hormone from small meristem pieces in small self-contained vessels. One liter of media produces 200 clones per month and the kits contain four liters to start. The plants are cleaned before going into the tissue culture tubes and the jars are prepared by cooking in a stove pressure cooker. TC plants need only 10 watt/sf light so two T5 lamps on a shelf grow 4 trays or 200 containers.

    The Super Starts micropropagation kit contains the tools, ingredients, manual and DVD to successfully do plant tissue culture at home.

    Kit includes:

  • 50 6oz flip-top vials
  • 30 clear plastic jar lids
  • 16 starter poly test tubes with screw lids in tray
  • 5ml PPM antifungal/antibacterial preservative
  • 1 establish/multiplication media kit with BA hormone
  • 1 rooting/growth media kits with NAA hormone
  • 2 establish/multiplication TDZ media kits with TDZ hormone for branching and woody plants
  • 1 stainless steel scalpel #3 and 2 #11 blades
  • 8-inch stainless steel forceps
  • PVC sealing tape
  • pH control kit with test papers and correction solutions
  • 50-page instructional manual with color photos and illustrations
  • DVD instruction video
  • Washing screen and ring for standard mouth jars
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