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MYCO2 bags have the highest output of any other CO2 bag on the market. Different types of mushrooms for both the grow and bloom phase gives your plants exactly what CO2 they need, when they need it.

MyCO2 – Mycelium Derived Carbon Dioxide are CO2 bags perfected. Unlike all the other CO2 bags that "come cultivating CO2 even before you get out of the checkout line," MyCO2 has the patent pending customer activation technology, postponing the CO2 cultivation until you get it home and are ready to use it. One CO2 bag provides enough carbon dioxide for begging plants in a 4ft x 4ft grow tent with cycled exhaust. Use during the veg stage. We recommend safely placing multiple MyCO2 generators above the highest level of your plants to insure they receive the CO2 as it is generated.

Below are recommendations for grow tents or similar sized grow rooms to reach optimal CO2 levels. These are just recommendations as there are several variables you must consider when determining how many MYCO2 AIR bags you will need. These considerations include ambient CO2 levels, tent/room size, and amount of vegetation using up the CO2.

Up to 400 watt light in a 4x4 tent - 1 bag

600 watt light in a 4x4 or larger tent- 2 bags

1,000 watt light in a 5x5 tent- 3 bags

We recommend replacing MYCOAIR bags every 3-4 months.  

When MYCO2 Grow AIR bags are done producing COfor your growing needs they can be fruited to produce nutritious Reishi mushrooms.  

To dispose of simply compost the contents of the bag.

Benefits of REISHI mushrooms

When MYCO2 AIR bags are finished producing CO2 for your growing needs they can produce nutritious Shiitake mushrooms for you to enjoy. To stimulate the MYCO2 AIR block to fruit mushrooms place it into the refrigerator overnight. When you remove the block from the refrigerator take it out of the bag and rinse the block under COLD water. The block will be covered with a dark fluid and will continue to produce small amounts of this fluid during the fruiting cycle. Place the block in a covered container such as a propagation tray with a clear dome. This will allow the humidity to remain high around the block and light to reach the block. Put the setup in a cool area (60-70°F) that can receive ambient light, such as on a basement floor. The colder the area the better but don’t go below 55°F. Mist or spray the block several times daily with COLD water and return to the dome. Mushrooms should begin to fruit in 7-14 days. Continue watering the block daily until the mushrooms are ready to harvest. After harvest the block can be fruited a second time. Simply remove all the mushroom stumps by cutting them off and placing the block in a warm, dry area for 5 days so it can dry out. After the resting period soak the block in COLD water 1-2 days. Soak the block so it is completely submerged in water. Placing a plate over the block or a milk jug filled with water will help it stay submerged. After the block has soaked return it to the dome to begin the cycle again. After your second or even third fruiting you can compost what’s left of your MYCO2 AIR block.

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