Nectar For The Gods - Athenas Aminas - Amino Acids

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Using amino acid sources of nitrogen, Athena's Aminas maximizes your plants protein production and boosts its growth rates! Healthy growth, at a faster rate!
Using Nitrogen to maximize protein production and growth rate, Athena's Aminas uses amino acid sources of Nitrogen to enable plants to create proteins as quickly as they are able to. With Athena's Aminas you can expect to see a healthy growth, at a much faster rate!

Feeding Schedule


  • Early Vegetative: 1 tsp
  • Mid Vegetative: 2 tsp
  • Late Vegetative: 2 tsp
  • Early Flowering: 1 tbl
  • Mid Flowering: 2 tbl
  • Late Fruiting: 2 tbl

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Name Nectar For The Gods - Athenas Aminas - Amino Acids
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