Nectar For The Gods - Bloom Khaos - Foliar Feed

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The secret weapon for your flower reproduction! Bloom Khaos will help your plants grow strong to withstand stress, and improve is health inside and out!
Nectar For The Gods brings us Bloom Khaos, the patent pending "secret weapon" for flower reproduction! Not only will Bloom Khaos improve plant health, but you will see visual results in size and color. There will also be a bolder aroma and taste in your plants. Bloom Khaos will also give your plant the strength to withstand various types of stress! Works best as a foliar spray in early stages of life and a couple weeks into flowering, then works great as a water in additive.

Feeding Schedule

  • Early Vegetative: 1 tsp/ QT Foliar
  • Mid Vegetative: 1 tsp/QT Foliar
  • Late Vegetative: 1 tsp/QT Foliar
  • Early Flowering: 1 tsp/QT Foliar
  • Mid Flowering:1 TBL in water
  • Late Fruiting: 1 TBL in water
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