Nutri Plus Gold (0-2-1)

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    Specialized Nutrient Components Supplement. NPK: 0-2-1. Compatible with all mineral and organic nutrient lines. Excellent foliar spray. Phosphoric Acid / Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) and Soluble Potash / Potassium(K2O) Nutri Plus Gold is one of the highest quality fulvic acid products on the market. Available sizes: 1L, 4L and 20L.
    • Accelerates nutrients translocation
    • Optimizes sugar production
    • Contains many antioxidants which prolongs the useful life of plant cells
    • Source of readily available trace elements
    • Increases growth and production rates
    • Catalyzes enzyme reactions
    • Compatible with any mineral or organic fertilizer

    Application Rates

    Shake well before using.
    Foliar spray: add 5 ml per liter of solution once a week. A light mist will give better results than excessive drenching. Be careful not to soak the flowers.

    Soil: add 1 ml per liter of solution once a week

    Hydroponics: add 2 ml per liter to the nutrient solution

    For vegetative and blooming stages: Use 2 ml of nutri+ ® GOLD per liter of solution once a week.
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    NameNutri Plus Gold (0-2-1)
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