Nutri+ Plus Pure Gold - Fulvic Acid Concentrated Solution

Pure Gold : 29% Fulvic Acid, Most Concentrated Fulvic Acid Available ! USDA & WSSA Certified Organic. Compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizer

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Availability: Ships in 7-14 Days

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Name Nutri+ Plus Pure Gold - Fulvic Acid Concentrated Solution
Brand Nutri+ Plus
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Fulvic Acid is Essential for optimized uptake and assimilation of mineral and organic nutrients. Nutri Plus+ Pure Gold Fulvic Acid is 29%, the most concentrated fulvic acid available on the market.

  • Indispensable in the formation of chlorophyll and enhanced sugar production.
  • Fortifies the immune system and ensures healthier plants and improved yields.
  • Detoxifies the soil from heavy metals, salts and pesticides.
  • Derived from complex humic substances found in Leonardite.
  • What Does Fulvic Acid Do?

  • Nutrient transfer and absorption through the stomata
  • Make available mutiple trace element
  • Initiate enzymatic reactions
  • Improve sugar production
  • Get healthy and efficient plants
  • Detoxify the soil of heavy metals, salts and pesticides

    Shake well before using.
    Hydroponics and soiless mix
    Foliar application: Use 0.5 ml of nutri+ ® PURE GOLD per liter of water, once a week.
    Root application: Use 0.5 to 1 ml of nutri+ ® PURE GOLD per liter of nutritive solution.
    Vegetable crops: .73 to 1.17 L / ha / 2 times a year
    Make sure to adjust the final pH between 5 and 7.

    Active Ingredient: 29% humic acid derived from Leonardite