Dutch Master
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Dutch Master nutrients were originally launched in South Australia in 1998 by Craig Gribble who then brought the nutrients over to North America in 2003 and across Europe in 2006. In 2012 research and development began of the soon to be released, all-new Commercial Edition range of cutting-edge crop-specific fertilizers. Then in 2015 Dutch Master manufacturing was established in Chicago providing domestic and commercial growers with the most cost-effective, easy to use and cutting-edge crop-specific hydroponic nutrients available. The Dutch Master Commercial Edition range of liquid plant nutrients was developed over 4 years of crop-specific research and development in California and Washington.

Choosing from three base nutrient formulations, growers can customize to fit their growing style whether you use soil, coco, or purely hydroponic media, you can be sure all three are loaded with macros, micros, vitamins, carbs, and aminos. Dutch Master's specialized additives double as a root and foliar feed regime for added nutritional benefit and value. The Commercial Edition has been consolidated into as few concentrated products as possible - saving you time AND money!

Check out the Dutch Master's Nutrient Calculator and Feed Charts.