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Dyna-Gro has been providing outstanding plant nutrients since 1983, their liquid nutrient concentrates and supplements are a complete, simple to use and cost effective way to maximize your yields. Dyna-Gro concentrated formulas contain all 17 essential macro and micro mineral elements providing 100% of the macro and micronutrients essential for all plants, whether you are growing from soil, or soil-less hydroponics. Keep it simple with Dyna-Gro®.

Dyna-Gro provides a full line of complete nutrient formulas with various N-P-K ratios as well as incomplete nutritional supplements to meet the unique needs of plants at certain stages of growth. Dyna-Gro The Nutrition Solution® are ideal for use in hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponics, and soil based media for all plants. Dyna-Gro products do not create harmful salt build-up and can even be safely used in aquaria when properly diluted.