Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs. Take advantage of the Grotek Feed Chart to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients.

Grotek started in Canada as gardeners helping gardeners and has since grown into an international distributor of high-quality horticultural products since 1998. At Grotek their mission is to inspire and help fellow growers achieve their maximum yields by using science to create effective, earth-friendly, horticultural products that contribute to that success. With products for every stage of growth, Grotek's consistent, effective, and easy to use formulas help commercial clients achieve their highest yields both globally and domestically.

Starting with a good foundation of hydroponic base nutrients that use minerals in specific ratios to boost plant growth and make enhancements more effective. Their bloom enhancements help flower development by improving the number of flowers, flower set, and harvest which is key to overall crop success. Growth enhancements build strong early growth and provide fantastic foliage to give your plants an advantage. Their soil building additives create rich bio-diverse soil filled with organic matter that can take your grow to the next level, while their Green Line products offer organic choices to indoor and greenhouse growers that don't benefit from the natural diversity of soil.

Check out their Feedchart Calculator for more feeding details.