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Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs.

  1. Designed to encourage bloom and flowers dark green foliage. Contains botanical kelp extract, micros, yucca 4-26-26 Learn More
  2. Kelp derived Flower Hardener for increased compactness of dense flowers, increased number of flower sites and increased production of essential oils and resins. Named Sunlight Supply Product of the Year 2013 Learn More
  3. Indole 3 - Butyric Acid Root Inducing Powder Learn More
  4. 20-20-20 All Purpose Formula Good all around formula for hobby gardens that works well in most growing situations. Water Soluble Learn More
  5. Special soluble non-acidifying sulfur provides increase in chlorophyll formation and availability of potassium. High rainfall or excessive irrigation can cause sulfur deficiencies. Magnesium helps transport phosphate in the plant and is essential in chlorophyll. Learn More
  6. Concentrated to lower pH of nutrient solution, Phosporic Acid Learn More
  7. Concentrated to raise the pH of nutrient solutions Potassium Hydrate. Learn More
  8. This trigger formula should be used in early flowering to induce more profuse growth with less stretching and denser clusters of flowers. Learn More
  9. Water soluble N-P-K plus botanical kelp extract with natural occurring plant hormones, micros, yucca extract 16-16-16 Learn More
  10. Rich carbohydrate and organic carbon source! Increases brix levels for sweeter taste and aroma! Learn More