Heavy 16
Heavy 16 is powerful, yet simple. Heavy 16 is a complete two-part nutrient and features all of the essential macro and micro elements that plants require to produce maximum yields of unsurpassed quality. Heavy 16 performs robustly in soil and hydroponic gardens alike. Used alone, Heavy 16 produces superior crops, but it can also be combined with organic stimulants, compost teas, enzymes, hormones and microbial inoculants for fantastic crop customization. Heavy 16 is hand-brewed in micro-batches to ensure quality and freshness and each ingredient is refined to ensure purity and consistency. If you want to learn more about Heavy 16 Plant Nutrients, read the Heavy 16 About Us page on their website.

Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs. Take advantage of the Heavy 16 Nutrient Calculator to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients.

From field, to greenhouse, to grow room, HEAVY 16 is the choice for elite growers everywhere, not just California where it is born, blended, and bottled. HEAVY 16 is based on a few key principles, use the highest grade premium raw ingredients, use complex chemistry for easy application: more science, fewer bottles, and use artisanal Micro-Batch blending techniques to ensure total quality control and peak freshness. HEAVY 16 is a complete professional nutrient system designed for serious growers looking to score big yields of maximum quality for every harvest. The Heavy 16 nutrient system pushes crops to the full potential using a powerful combination of synthetic and natural ingredients. The culmination of science, experience, and performance, Heavy 16 is blending complex formulas into potent and concentrated plant nutrients designed to produce professional grade, artisan quality crops. See their Nutrient Calculator for feeding details.

The HEAVY 16 product line features nutrients that cover all stages of plant growth.
'Veg A & B', a superior vegetative base nutrient designed to create robust plant infrastructure required to yield voluminous and unrivaled crops.
'Bud A & B' is a professional flowering base nutrient designed to fuel plants with complex ingredients to drive quality and yields to astounding heights.
'Prime' is to maximize the flavor of every crop.
'Fire' is to Increase volume and quality.
'Roots' boost root growth.
'Foliar' pushes plants to their true potential.
'Finish' is to achieve optimal flavor.