Roots Organics
Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs. Take advantage of the Roots Organics Feed Schedule to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients.

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  1. Roots Organics Trinity bio-catalyst is a blend of select organic compounds designed for maximum effect as a catalyst for plant and rhizosphere nutrient uptake and growth. Trinity is a universal nutrient supplement that can substantially increase yields and enhance the highest quality production and flavor during the growth and bloom stages of your potting soil grown plants. Trinity is a distinctive formula of complex carbohydrates and soy protein extracts combined to encourage plant vigor, reduce stress, rapidly accelerate growth and substantially increase yields. Trinity can be used with any nutrient program for increased micronutrient uptake. Learn More
  2. Granular Vegetative formula for lush vigorous growth Learn More
  3. Ca, Mg & Fe supplement Learn More
  4. Granular Bloom Formula for prolific flowering and fruiting diverse blend of natural and organic ingredients. Use alone as an amendment or as a top dress for encouraging vigorous flowering and fruiting. Best used with Roots Organics Uprising Grow for vegetative phase and Roots Organics Uprising Foundation as a supplement. Learn More
  5. Fast acting, high phosphorus, powdered Seabird Guano for vigorous growth Learn More
  6. Fast acting, High Phosphorus, granular seabird guano for vigorous growth Learn More
  7. High Phosphorus Bat Guano for vigorous flowering & fruiting Learn More
  8. Cal-Mag Formula for preventing deficiencies common is fast-growing crops Learn More
  9. Fast acting Vegetative Bat Guano for vigorous growth Learn More
  10. Roots Organics Ancient Amber is specially extracted for low molecular weight from leonardite making it highly soluble and active. Leonardite is a rare form of lignite coal composed of ancient plant material. Learn More
  11. Organic Liquid Marine Kelp Extract for rapid growth Learn More
  12. One Part Vegetative growth nutrient Learn More

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Roots Organics was developed by Aurora Innovations and founded in Eugene, Oregon by a group of conscientious, organic gardeners dedicated to bringing you superior and unique organic gardening products so you and our planet will be healthier and happier. To help with their goal of making the best soils and plant foods in the world, they have sources the highest quality ingredients, some of the most talented minds, and a superior, holistic approach to plant nutrition.

Roots Organics Nutrients are made from quality natural ingredients to enhance your plants without the use of harsh chemicals. Using a variety of different grow mediums and two fertilizer lines, Roots Organics Nutrients has products for all of your growing needs. Roots Organics products are great for indoor growing as well as outside growth. If you are looking for premium quality fruits, Roots Organics Nutrients is the place to start!
See their Feeding Schedules for feeding applications.