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Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs. Take advantage of the House & Garden Calculator to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients. House and Garden Van De Zwaan nutrients including Aqua Flakes, Coco, and Soil for hydroponics. House & Garden nutrients also include Roots Excelurator, Algen Extract, Drip Clean, Amino Treatment, Multi Zen, Bud XL, Top Booster, Shooting Powder, Algen Extract, Nitrogen Boost, and Top Shooter.

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  • Aqua Flakes A & B (together) by House & Garden

    The complete base nutrient for Hydroton, Oasis Cubes, Rockwool and Coco. Aqua Flakes is especially suited for recirculating hydroponic systems. Nut... Learn More

  • House & Garden - Bud XL

    Use this late bloom additive to improve yield quantity, robustness and sweetness of a harvest. This formula draw sugars from large bracts and conce... Learn More

  • Multi Zen

    Multi Zen is the most concentrated of all the enzyme products on the market at only 3.8ml per gallon. Multi Zen has been formulated to assist the p... Learn More

  • House & Garden - Magic Green

    Use this foliar fertilizer to darken foliage to a nice lush green in any phase of growth. Learn More

  • Top Booster

    House & Garden Top Booster is an excellent flower stimulator which works on the basis of potassium, phosphorous and EDDHA-Fe (Iron). These elements... Learn More

  • House & Garden - Drip Clean

    Drip Clean is unparalleled in the U.S. market today because it prevents any salt build up in any plant, medium or solution throughout the growing c... Learn More

  • House & Garden - Algen Extract

    House & Garden Algen Extract contains a very high percentage of Aschophyllum nodosum. The extract is therfore rich in both macro nutrients (N,P, K,... Learn More

  • House and Garden Nitrogen Boost

    Nitrogen boost helps give your plants the optimal amount of nitrogen your plants need for vigorous growth during the vegetative cycle. Will help pl... Learn More

  • House & Garden - Shooting Powder

    Heavy potassium and phosphorous blooming booster that helps re-invigorate the flowering cycle, and increase overall yield weight in your flowers an... Learn More

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