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Humboldt Nutrients

Humboldt Nutrients

Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs. Take advantage of the Humboldt Nutrients Feed Charts to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients.

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  • Humboldt Roots

    Humboldt Roots is a concentrated root stimulant that will increase the surface the area of the roots and will expand the root zone during the vital... Learn More

  • Humboldt Nutrients Structural Integrity

    Humboldt Structural Integrity (SI) contains the crucial element potassium silicate. SI boosts the plants immunity and increases the integrity of th... Learn More

  • Humboldt Honey Organic ES

    Humboldt Honey ES is a beneficial sweetener that provides usable sugars for plants and microorganisms. This helps maintain healthy sugar levels in ... Learn More

  • Humboldt Sticky

    High quality sticking and wetting agent formulated to be fully utilized by the plant. It contains state of the art binding agents which allows the ... Learn More

  • Humboldt Nutrients - Hum-Bolt Humic

    HUM-BOLT is a 8% Humic Acid derived from premium Leonardite, extracted from a mine known to produce the highest quality shale. Humic acid promotes ... Learn More

  • Humboldt Bloom Natural 0-10-0

    Humboldt Bloom Natural a ultra-concentrated formula that contains a hefty does of phosphorous and calcium. Allowing your plants to thrive during t... Learn More

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