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X Nutrients

X Nutrients

X Nutrients goal is to help you grow stronger, bigger, healthier, and higher yielding plants. Their various products will help you through all growth stages from vegetative to flowering and fruiting stages. Their products will maximize the full potential of your plants. Be sure to check out the X Nutrients Feeding Chart to give your plants just what they want!
Check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs.

  • X Nutrients - Bloom FX

    X Nutrients Bloom Booster for increased secondary metabolite production and improved flower development. X Nutrients Bloom FX will increase the ess... Learn More

  • X Nutrients - Amino Blast

    Amino Acid Formula for larger, high quality yields! X Nutrients Amino Blast has necessary "L" amino acids that increase overall yield and quality o... Learn More

  • X Nutrients - Micro Nutrient

    X Nutrients Micro formula contains all micronutrients for essential growth through all stages of plant growth. Use X Nutrients Micro along with X N... Learn More

  • X Nutrients - Bloom Nutrient

    X Nutrients Bloom Nutrient is well suited for any plant during its flowering or fruiting stages. X Nutrients Bloom will yield amazing results as a ... Learn More

  • X Nutrients - PH Down

    pH is the measurement of water quality.  Soil or water can be too acidic or too alkaline.  A pH of 7 is neutral.  In general plants ... Learn More

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