Nutrifield - Elements Bloom Set A+B

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4 Part Fool Proof Nutrient System enriched with various organic components designed to promote early root development.

The new Elements is a premium 4-part nutrient specifically optimised for Grow (2-parts) and Bloom (2-parts).  

Nutrifield® Elements is the by-product of an extensive research program that was undertaken to improve the key stages in a plant development. The key factors from this study helped identify early root development for Elements® Grow to ensure an accelerated vegetative growth boost and ingredients to aid in cell division.

Elements Bloom ensures an impact on fruit and flower maturation, flavour and hardening.  

The new formula will achieve optimum results with Nutrifield® Hydro Clay, as well as rockwool, vermiculite, perlite and all soil mixes.

Elements uses materials of exceptional quality.

Nutrifield® Elements has been scientifically formulated using chelated pharmaceutical grade salts.  It contains each of the 16 key macro, secondary and micro elements required for plant nutrition and is enriched with natural plant ingredients to deliver high performance in your growing medium.


 Application Rates

  Rec EC mL / 10L mL/gal
Early Bloom 1.2-1.7 30 11
Bloom 1.2-1.9 35 13
Late Bloom / Ripening 1.0-1.6 25 9
Foliar 0.5-1.0 10 4
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