Nutrifield - NF Cargo Boost

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Delivers nutrients directly to plant's roots! Pushes nutrient through outer cell walls! Stabilizes pH!

Delivering nutrients to the root zone to optimise yields.

Cargo Boost® continuously delivers nutrient to your plant’s root zone for improved growth and larger yields. 

Cargo Boost® helps to deliver rapid growth and larger yields, as it is made up of small molecules that aids the nutrients ability to chelate.

Unlike conventional chelation, the small molecules work in a two-step process. The first step is the creation of nano-clusters through sequestration. This is followed by specific molecules in Cargo Boost® attaching themselves to the sequestered elements like a container of cargo. The molecules then deliver the food to your plant’s root system, where Cargo Boost® pushes the nutrient through the plant’s outer cell wall, before returning to the nutrient pool to begin the process again.

Cargo Boost® also stabilises your systems pH from large fluctuations to maximise nutrient uptake.


 Application Rates

  mL / 10L mL/gal
Transplants / Seedlings 10 4
Pre-Bloom 10 4
Early Bloom 10 4
Bloom 15 6
Late Bloom / Ripening 15 6
Foliar 10 4
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