Nutrifield - NF Coco Set A&B

Two Part Nutrient System for coco gardens by Nutifield

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Name Nutrifield - NF Coco Set A&B
Brand Nutrifield
SKU A020-0
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It is important to use a specially formulated coco fertiliser with Nutrifield® Coco Premium. 

Nutrifield® Coco two-part solution is your complete nutrient solution specifically designed to be used throughout grow and bloom in Coco mediums. 

NF Coco® uses materials of exceptional quality.

The nutrient is fabricated from only pharmaceutical grade salts to ensure exceptional quality for you, the end consumer. It provides your Coco medium with all the essential macro, secondary, micro and organic elements required for your plants to ensure rapid growth and improved yields. 

NF Coco® optimises plant strength, drought tolerance and assists food uptake.

NF Coco® is high in calcium, which is an essential element for cell wall structure and also aids in the retention and distribution of other essential elements such as potassium. NF Coco® also contains the essential amounts of suspended silica to help insulate against wilting and to improve drought tolerance. To help improve the nutrient and water uptake of your plants, NF Coco® also contains humic and fulvic acids.

  • A Nutrient A&B balanced for coco media
  • Contains all essential macro and micro elements
  • Humic and fulvic acids, beneficial for plant nutrient uptake
  • Suspended silica to insulate against wilting and drought


 Application Rates
  Rec EC mL / 10L mL/gal
Cuttings / Seedlings 0.6-1.2 15 6
Transplants 0.6-1.2 15 6
Vegetative Growth 1.2-1.6 25 9
Pre-Bloom 1.3-1.7 25 9
Early Bloom 1.2-1.7 30 11
Bloom 1.2-1.9 35 13
Late Bloom / Ripening 1.0-1.6 25 9
Foliar 0.5-1.0 10 4