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Optimizes plant's metabolic processes! Converts silica and metallic elements to plant food! Improves rate of photosynthesis! Aids plant transpiration & respiration!

Fulife® maximises your yields by optimising your plant’s metabolic processes.

It is derived from organic carbon allowing your plants to grow faster due to improved photosynthesis. 

Fulife® conditions soils and will aid more stomata openings. 

More stomata openings will allow for better plant respiration and transpiration, while helping the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. 

Fulife® does not increase the salt index of your system. 

There is little effect on osmotic potential (salt build up), allowing the plants water uptake to remain unaffected. 

Fulife® enables you to run significantly lower electrical conductivity (EC) without effecting nutrient absorption.

Fulife® is an organic electrolyte. Electrolytes are soluble particles that can effectively conduct an electrical current in liquid and plant substrates. The electrical activity serves to convert silica and metallic elements into easily absorbable plant food, while increasing the nutrient chelating speed. Plants respond by being able to take up previously unavailable elements leading to nutritionally satisfied, healthy plants. 

For exceptional results use in conjunction with Oxygen Supplement (Bioxy®) and Defence System (Tri Boost®).


 Application Rates

  mL / 10L mL/gal
Cuttings / Seedlings 10 4
Transplants 40 16
Vegetative Growth 10 4
Pre-Bloom 10 4
Early Bloom 10 4
Bloom 10 4
Late Bloom / Ripening 5 2
Foliar 50 20
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