Nutrifield - NF Root Nectar

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Increased Fertilizer Efficiency, Increased Plant Yield, Extensive Rapid Root Growth & Biomass
Bigger Roots = Bigger Fruits! Nutrifield Root Nectar induces massive root growth rapidly with extensive branching and fine root hairs creating more surface area for greater nutrient absorption. Root Nectar breaks down complex compounds so plants have more readily available nutrients to optimize their growth.

Extensive Rapid Root Growth & Biomass

Root Nectar is a plant bio-stimulator that serves as a biological catalyst, invigorating natural root development in plants. Your plant roots will reach further down and spread outwards, rapidly exposing more surface area for nutrients to come in contact with for enhanced feeding.

Increased Fertilizer Efficiency

The premium blend of plant extracts, amino acids and nutrients contained in Root Nectar generate massive, explosive roots by supplying them with nutrients for immediate uptake. It also quickly processes complex compounds and turns them into plant available food

Increased Plant Yield

The plant you see above ground mirrors the roots below the surface and that is a well-known fact. Root Nectar gives you a stronger and healthier foundation for a higher yielding plant by rapidly establishing a robust root system.
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