Nutrilife - Nutri Boost (0 - 0 - 1) *Discontinued*

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Nutri Boost 1 provides stressed plants with the enhanced natural ability to correct roots damaged by stress, as well as create new roots. Nutri Boost 1 is blended as a replenishment to replace lost growth generating properties that plants lose due to being under stress. A healthy plant produces these boosters naturally to maintain growth, but stressed plants suffer a severe loss of their ability to produce these growth generators. Nutri Boost 1 will help create a strong new rooting system so the plant can regain its vigour.

How it Works:

Nutri Boost 1 invigorates plants suffering from stress related problems. A stressed plant exhibits a number of signs and symptoms, but the roots of the plant tend to be affected first. The effect of stress on the root system may cause the roots of the plant to stop growing, thus eliminating the ability of the plant to take up food and water.

It’s at this point, plants then try to complete the lifecycle and reproduce, even though it does not have the ability to do so. To complete the lifecycle, it is common for plants to use energy reserves from the roots and transfer it to the plants upper portion. Nutri Boost 1 special formula of seaweeds, nutrients, sugars and humates is designed to provide a reservoir of these nutrients and is balanced to be used by gardeners for seedlings, cutting transplant and harvest, stress needs.
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Name Nutrilife - Nutri Boost (0 - 0 - 1) *Discontinued*
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