OG Biowar - Foliar Pack - Beneficial Microbes for Edible Crops

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    OG BioWar Beneficial Microbes Foliar Spray or soil drench is 100% Safe non chemicals and Stop using harsh chemicals to treat your problems and start using the OG Biowar FOLIAR PACK! Beneficial Microbes mixed directly into soil/coco or other media substrates or directly with water for spraying is safest options for Edible Plants, such as fruits, leaves and flowers.
    The OG Biowar FOLIAR PACK was designed as a 100% safe, non chemical spray or drench made up of naturally occurring microbes that may help plants deal with environmental stress. Protect your plants and your investment.

    The OG Biowar FOLIAR PACK is composed of beneficial microbes and a pharmaceutical grade talc carrier. It may be used 2 ways, mixed with water, or applied directly by incorporating it in to your soil/peat/coco mix. It is important to follow the mixing instructions below.

    Compost Brew Tea Directions

    Here is a tea recipe that will put your plants in to a happy state of being: CLICK HERE FOR THE BIO BREW RECIPE
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