Organic Air Charcoal Fiber Filters -- 6 inch

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    The Organic Air Charcoal Fiber Filter will enable single pass filtration of strong odors at very high CFM’s. They consist of three layers of highly active charcoal fiber with millions and millions of active micro pores that attract and capture odors. The filter is easily washed to keep the micro pores clean and ready to absorb more odors. They can be used with fans from 0-5000 C.F.M.. The highest rated filters with the largest surface area on the market, and at less than ½ the size of old traditional filters!

    Made from small-pore activated carbon, the charcoal fiber lays out a flattened surface area the size of a regular football field for every one gram of the material. This filtering action is supplemented by the filter design with circumferential and vertical pleats in combination with the inverted nose cone that offers the largest fiber surface area of activated carbon you can get on the market.

    Attach directly to your fan or ducting.


    4" Max CFM 516
    6" Max CFM 942
    8" Max CFM 2000
    10" Max CFM 3000

    Cleaning Instructions: These high capacity heavy duty filters need regular maintenance to run in top condition. Follow the cleaning instructions below to ensure years of trouble free use and odor neutralization.

  • Remove filter and use a garden hose or shower nozzle to spray it down
  • Spray off thoroughly from the inside and outside
  • Shake out water and let dry
  • Once dry reattach to fan using clamp
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    NameOrganic Air Charcoal Fiber Filters -- 6 inch
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