Organic Bloom Nutrients
We're your one stop shop for Organic Nutrients. Available in Liquid and Soluble forms, these nutrients are for the gardener looking to only use the finest food for their plants. Some of our most popular Organic Nutrients are: Earth Juice & General Organics.
Be sure to check out our Nutrient Buyers Guide to help you purchase the right nutrient for your growing needs.

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  1. $33.49

    The GO Box contains 16 oz. BioThrive: Grow and Bloom fertilizers, as well as 8 oz. samples of the following supplements: CaMg+, Bio Root, Bio Weed, Bio Bud, Bio Marine & Diamond Black. Learn More
  2. $28.16

    Ancient Earth reduces the effects of salinity and pH fluctuations, increases your plants’ uptake of the precious micronutrients that drive your plants to reach their optimum yield. Plus, you get double the value, because this one formula replaces two products previously sold separately. Learn More
  3. $9.47

    Slow Release Organic Fertilizer! A rich source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and numerous minor elements over an extended period of time, without waste or runoff, and while insuring long-lasting growth, beauty and productivity of turf grasses, landscape plants and vegetable gardens. Its high content of organic matter loosens tight, heavy soils and helps light, sandy soils hold moisture and nutrients. As a slow-release, organic fertilizer, cottonseed meal is safe to use in liberal amounts without danger of burning plants. Learn More
  4. $16.97

    Out of stock

    An all guano, all natural “Bud’n’Bloom” booster. Learn More
  5. $10.29

    Granular Bloom Formula for prolific flowering and fruiting diverse blend of natural and organic ingredients. Use alone as an amendment or as a top dress for encouraging vigorous flowering and fruiting. Best used with Roots Organics Uprising Grow for vegetative phase and Roots Organics Uprising Foundation as a supplement. Learn More
  6. $39.68

    Budswel is a mix of high-phosphorus bat guano, worm castings, and seabird guano, which boosts production in fruit trees and fruit-bearing vines like watermelon, cantaloupe, squash and grapes. Also an excellent base mix for roses or flowering beds. This concentrated liquid (.01-.1-.01) is easy to use as a water-on fertilizer, or as an additive to your existing nutrient solution. Budswel produces some of the best fruit you'll ever sink your teeth into. Undoubtedly one of the finest organic fruiting fertilizers available anywhere. Learn More
  7. $23.40

    A high phosphorous mix of bat and seabird guano plus earthworm castings for soil and hydroponic applications. Learn More
  8. $14.67

    One Part Liquid Bloom Nutrient Learn More
  9. $15.81

    Completely soluble for easy application and fast uptake! Nature’s Nectar Potassium stimulates root growth during the plants vegetative stage and helps increase overall yield. Also contains cytokinins to increase the number of flower sites and combines sea kelp to build the plants immune system. OMRI Listed for use in organic production. Learn More
  10. $15.81

    Stimulates bud and flower production! Nature’s Nectar Phosphorous is a quick release source of P and Ca and is completely soluble for foliar feeding. Promotes outstanding performance on fruit crops and is perfect for all bulbs and transplants. Aids in root development, too! Learn More
  11. $27.13

    Organic, Hydroponic, Bloom, Base Formula for rapid growth & delicious yields Learn More
  12. $37.18

    Bio Bizz TopMax fuels prolific blooming while enhancing the flavor of herbs and vegetables in any garden. TopMax is perfectly suited for soil but can be used in other growing media as well. The excellent results are based in the use of humic acids. Learn More
  13. $17.56

    Bio Bizz Bio-Bloom (1.1-2.5-2) encourages abundant flowering and fruit production by supplying much needed macro- and micronutrients as well as enzymes and amino acids.All BioBizz is Certified Organic. Learn More
  14. $12.49

    A Powerful Bud’n’Bloom plant nutrient formulated to promote budding, flowering and the production of essential oils and fragrances. Learn More

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