Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 6 Site

Expand your roots and expand your harvest with the Oxygen Pot Ebb & Flow system. This system uses fabric pots instead of plastic to provide superior root development. This system is also expandable to 18 grow sites for maximum yields. Extend this into a 12 Pot or more with the Oxygen Pot Systems - Super Flow 6 Site Expansion Kit. Ships inside the 26 60 Gal collapsible reservoir.

The 26 gallon collapsible reservoirs are currently out of stock! The 6 site systems are now coming included with the 60 Gallon Reservoirs, which will allow users to increase the capacity of the system to a 12 Site system without the need to upgrade the reservoir.


Availability: Out of stock

Expected Availability Date: 03/16/20

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Name Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 6 Site
Brand Oxygen Pot
MSRP $599.95
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The 6 Bucket Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System is the most complete hydroponic system around! This system comes with a 26 60 Gallon Covert Collapsible water tank reservoir to hold all the water you need, and the 5 gallon buckets are big enough for optimum root growth. Covert Tanks are portable, lightweight and are ideal for use as a hydroponic barrel, or for water storage. Covert Tanks are collapsible and are extremely compact which makes them ideal for moving and set up in small spaces and covert ops. Made with food grade plastic. Another great feature of these systems are the aerated fabric grow pots, which allow more oxygen to the roots of your plants and are great when draining your grow. The Super-Flow controller module helps regulate the timing of your water system's flow and fill pumps. Prevent fungal damage and improve your yields from now on with the new 6 Bucket Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System! How big can you expand the Oxygen Pot 6 Site XL Super-Flow system? The Super Flow hydroponic grow system is expandable to fit any size growing space. You can run up to 18 sites with a 66 gallon reservoir. Systems larger than 18 sites will require a large capacity reservoir such as the 105 Gallon reservoir and can be purchased separately. The Gro-Commander Controller Module comes with (4) 3/4 inch outputs, which allow system expansion up to 36 sites. 6 Bucket expansion Kits are used to expand the system beyond 6 sites and are sold separately.

*All systems are shipped with a Oxygen Pot Covert Tank Collapsible reservoir.

*buckets are now fully bottom draining, made out of food grade plastics, easier to clean, and much improved retail packaging.
EBB and Flow Hydroponic System Contents:

1x 100 Liter - 26 (225 Liter) 60 Gal Oxygen Pot Systems Collapsible Water Tank Reservoir
12x 5 Gal Super-Flow XL green grow buckets
12x Super Flow Fabric Pots and support inserts
1x Gro-Commander Analog Controller Module
2x 251 GPH High Flow Hydroponic Pump
1x 30' 3/4" Kink Resistant Tubing
12x T-Fittings and Gromets