Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 Site

Expand your roots and expand your harvest with the Oxygen Pot Ebb & Flow system. This system uses fabric pots instead of plastic to provide superior root development. The system is also expandable to 18 grow sites. 4.5 Gallon sites.
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Name Oxygen Pot Systems Super-Flow XL Analog 12 Site
Brand Oxygen Pot
MSRP $999.95
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    A: According to the manufacture at least, many soil users use a manual timing to water their plants due to the fact that soil retains water more than most medias. Unfortunately due to the myriad factors involved in a grow setup we cannot personally recommend a certain timing. Happy growing!

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The Oxygen Pot XL 12 Site Super Flow Analog is a premium Ebb and Flow Bucket System that takes indoor gardening performance to the next level!

Our 12 Bucket Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System will take your grow to the next level! Equipped with a 60 gallon Cover Collapsible Water Tank reservoir, this ebb and flow system will sufficiently run your nutrients through the roots of your plants. Covert Tanks are portable, lightweight and are ideal for use as a hydroponic barrel, or for water storage. Covert Tanks are collapsible and are extremely compact which makes them ideal for moving and set up in small spaces and covert ops, and made with food grade plastic. The aerated fabric grow pots that line the 5 gallon buckets are strong enough to hold as many grow pebbles and rockwool cubes for seeding and vegging. These grow bags also allow your roots to breathe well, which helps prevent fungal damage and makes flushing your crop a breeze. The Gro-Commander controller has 4x power inlets for your timers, fill pumps, and drain pumps. With the 12 Bucket Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System your garden will be yielding more flavorful and aromatic crops in no time!

How big can you expand the Oxygen Pot 12 Site XL Super-Flow system?

The system can expand up to 18 sites maximum with the 60 gallon collapsible reservoir (included). However, the Super Flow can expand to fit any size growing space. The Gro-Commander Controller Module comes with (4) 3/4 inch outputs, which allow system expansion up to 36 sites. 6 Bucket Add-on Kits are used to expand the system beyond 6 sites and are sold separately. Systems larger then 18 sites will require a larger capacity reservoir then the 66 Gallon collapsible reservoir included, and are sold separately.

*All systems are shipped with a Oxygen Pot Systems Collapsible reservoir.

*buckets are now fully bottom draining, made out of food grade plastics, easier to clean, and much improved retail packaging.

EBB and Flow Hydroponic System Contents:

1x 60 Gal (225 Liter) Oxygen Pot Systems Collapsible Water Tank Reservoir
12x 5 Gal Super-Flow XL green grow buckets
12x Super Flow Fabric Pots and support inserts
1x Gro-Commander AnalogController Module
2x 251 GPH High Flow Hydroponic Pump
1x 30' 3/4" Kink Resistant Tubing
12x T-Fittings and Gromets

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trusted Review by Sid
Overall Rating
Look, when yer growing Hydro. style, yer gonna have incidents/accidents/ pump failures, water damage, these things happen ok. It's like, don't go to the beach if you don't wanna get wet or sand on you right. This system works as well as you maintain it! I can tell you without a doubt, this ebb & flow system is a great improvement from the originals! (Posted on 6/29/2018)
Low Quality Review by lola
Overall Rating
I have only had this product for a little over 1 yrs and the timer burnt out, now can't get a hold of anyone to return or get fixed. Hard to clean the fabric pots, also I would not recommend this to anyone. (Posted on 3/9/2018)
Misleading advertisement, poor design Review by Don
Overall Rating
All parts shipped were not as advertised,system functions poorly,root mass clogs drain leading to many issues.i would not reccomend this product to anyone ever.save yourself the time and go with cap (Posted on 9/15/2015)
Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Site Review by Jake
Overall Rating
I absolutely loved this system. It is SO easy to use and its really convenient. Basically runs itself. Everything is amazing quality and I have yet to have a problem with any of the products. I will definitely be using Oxygen Pot Systems as my primary system (Posted on 8/14/2014)
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