Penetrator 189X - Pro *DISCONTINUED*

The Hydro Grow LED Penetrator 189X-PRO 290w features internal build, superior thermal management, Power-Link, EXTREME (X2) Lens, 6-band spectrum, and an ultra low heat signature.

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Name Penetrator 189X - Pro *DISCONTINUED*
Brand Hydro Grow
Warranty 3 Year
Dimensions 17½" x 17½" x 3"
Voltage 120-240v
MSRP $1,499.00
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The 189X-PRO LED Grow Light is the most powerful grow light in the world for a 3' x 3' area, with tested PAR output and penetration exceeding that of a 600W HPS! Our refined and Patent-Pending 3rd Generation spectrum features quantum balancing to ensure lightening fast growth rates, record breaking yields, tight internodal spacing, super-dense flowers, and fruits so monstrous you'll bring all your outdoor plants indoors! Spectrum is only half the equation to enormous yields however, because light must be delivered efficiently through plant tissues at high intensities to ensure optimal penetration/absorption. Our Patent Pending X2 lens was developed specifically for this purpose, and is the most powerful optic ever invented for LED Grow Lights. The image to the right provides a good visual representation of the amplifcation properties of the X2 lens as it enlarges small print. This is demonstrated more clearly via the data below, which proves the X2 lens provides an astonishing 569% more light output compared to the same light without the X2 lens! You won't find data proving performance enhancements like this anywhere else! The best part of our patent-pending 189X-PRO design is modularity. Each part within the 189X-PRO is independently serviceable and therefore operates separately from the others. In this way if one part fails, the rest of the light continues to work until your replacement part arrives. No more sending the light back to China and waiting weeks for a replacement as you would experience with our competitors! Our design can save you thousands over time because it allows you to upgrade to our latest technologies without having to buy a new light! For example customers who purchased the X1 version of our 189X-PRO can now purchase the X2 lens upgrade for only $135 shipped to get a 25% boost in output from their X1 lights! That's just over 10% the cost of a new light to have our latest technology!